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My name is Rey Reyes and I am the founder of Digital Boost Strategies, a lean yet determined marketing business that seeks to boost appointment booking for your practice.

With our modern forms of mass communication, social media platforms are the newer and more optimal forms of showcasing your best offers.

On my spare time I workout, go for walks in nature, and enjoy cooking Mediterranean dishes.

About us.

We work with small and up-and-coming medical practices that are as agile and ambitious as we are, and determined to scale their brand.

This is as simple as creating killer Facebook and Instagram adverts to increase appointment booking.

First and foremost: we’re Facebook and Instagram advertisers, focusing on one thing and doing it well.

Our Methods

We specialize in strategic online marketing that propels businesses awareness to different demographics.

Social Media Optimization

Strategic Ad Campaigns

By optimizing social media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, we ignite engagement and amplify your brand's visibility.

Campaign Analysis

Through each Ad Campaign we either kill, create anew, and/or retarget campaigns that illustrate conversion, and most importantly Return on Ad spend.

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